eoxserver.services.mapserver package



eoxserver.services.mapserver.interfaces module

class eoxserver.services.mapserver.interfaces.ConnectorInterface

Bases: object

Interface for connectors between mapscript.layerObj and associated data.

connect(coverage, data_items, layer, options)

Connect a layer (a mapscript.layerObj) with the given data items and coverage (a list of two-tuples: location and semantic).

disconnect(coverage, data_items, layer, options)

Performs all necessary cleanup operations.


Returns True if the given data_items are supported and False if not.

class eoxserver.services.mapserver.interfaces.LayerFactoryInterface

Bases: object

Interface for factories that create mapscript.layerObj objects for coverages.

generate(eo_object, group_layer, options)

Returns an iterable of mapscript.layerObj objects preconfigured for the given EO object. This is easily done via the yield statement.


Returns a ‘group layer’ to be referenced by all other layers generated by this factory.

property requires_connection

Return whether or layers generated by this factory require to be connected via a layer connector.

property suffixes

The suffixes associated with layers this factory produces. This is used for “specialized” layers such as “bands” or “outlines” layers. For factories that don’t use this feature, it can be left out.

class eoxserver.services.mapserver.interfaces.StyleApplicatorInterface

Bases: object

Interface for style applicators.

apply(coverage, data_items, layer)

Apply all relevant styles.

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