EOxServer is a Python application and library for presenting Earth Observation (EO) data and metadata.

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EOxServer implements the OGC Implementation Specifications EO-WCS and EO-WMS on top of MapServer’s WCS and WMS implementations. EOxServer is released under the EOxServer Open License an MIT-style license and written in python and entirely based on open source software including:

More information is available at https://eoxserver.org. Documentation is available at readthedocs


To run with SpatiaLite database simply run:

docker run -it --rm -p 8080:8000 eoxa/eoxserver

EOxServer is now accessible at http://localhost:8080/. And you can login to the Admin Client using:

  • username: admin

  • password: admin

The following environment variables control configuration:

  • DB: Specify the used database type. either spatialite or postgis

  • DB_PW, DB_NAME, DB_HOST, DB_USER: these credentials will be used to establish a connection to the postgres database when DB is set to postgis in order to wait for it to come online

  • INSTANCE_NAME: the name of the instance passed to eoxserver-instance.py - defaults to instance

  • INSTANCE_DIR: the directory of the instance. Defaults to /opt/instance

  • DJANGO_USER, DJANGO_MAIL, DJANGO_PASSWORD: when set, these credentials will be used to create a superuser to be used for the Django Admin. By default, no user is created

  • COLLECT_STATIC: if set to “true” (the default), static files will be collected upon initialization

  • PREINIT_SCRIPTS: the list of commands that will be executed before the instance is initialized

  • INIT_SCRIPTS: the list of commands that will be executed once when the instance is initialized

  • STARTUP_SCRIPTS: the list of commands that will be executed before the command is run

  • GUNICORN_CMD_ARGS: gunicorn command arguments. Defaults to --config /opt/eoxserver/gunicorn.conf.py ${INSTANCE_NAME}.wsgi:application


The autotest instance can be used for development and testing. More information in ./autotest/README.md