RFC 10: SOAP Proxy

Author:Milan Novacek
Last Edit:2011-05-30


This RFC proposes the design and implementation of the module soap_proxy. Initially soap_proxy is for use with WCS services. The intent of soap_proxy is to provide a soap processing front end for those WCS services which do not natively accept soap messages. Soap_proxy extracts the xml of a request from an incoming SOAP message and invokes mapserver or eoxserver in POST mode with the extracted xml. It then accepts the response from mapserver or eoxserver and repackages it in a SOAP reply.


Soap-proxy should implement OGC 09-149 Web Coverage Service 2.0 Interface Standard - XML/SOAP Protocol Binding Extension. See RFC-9 for a proposal to address certain problems with the current revision of this standard (which is OGC 09-149r1).

Initially it is planned that soap_proxy supports WCS 2.0. WCS 1.1 is a low priority. The possibility should be investigated to generalize soap_proxy to enable support of other protocols such as WPS.

Soap_proxy is implemented as a Web Service using the Axis2/C framework [AXIS], plugged into a standard Apache HTTP server via its mod_axis2 module.


Source Code Location

The soap_proxy code will be located in the subdirectory ‘soap_proxy‘ at the main level of the eoxserver repository, i.e. at the same level as the eoxserver directory: trunk/soap_proxy.

Initial Code Base

A first prototype implementing parts of the functionality has been developed under the O3S project. The source of this prototype will be copied to the soap_proxy repository and form the basis for further development.

RFCs and Decision Process

In the early stages, development surrounding of soap_proxy not directly affecting eoxserver will be undertaken in a relaxed manner compared to the RFC based decision taking that prevails for eoxserver.

All non trivial changes to the soap_proxy core will be announced for discussion on the eoxserver-dev mailing list, but will not undergo the RFC voting process unless there is a direct impact on any actual eoxserver functionality.

Once the transition phase of the integration has been completed, the development of soap_proxy will follow the standard RFC based decision taking.


Soap_proxy will use either GPL or a MapServer-style license, this is yet TBD.

Wiki, Trac, Tickets

Soap_proxy will use all of the eoxserver support infrastructure.

Voting History

Motion:Adopted on 2011-05-30 with +1 Martin Paces, Stephan Meißl, Fabian Schindler, Milan Novacek