Requests for Comments

EOxServer Requests for Comments (RFCs) are a means for EOxServer developers to share their ideas and feature requests, propose enhancements, and discuss high-level issues concerning the further development of the software.

RFC Procedures

See the RFC Policies for details.

Writing RFCs

If you want to write a Request for Comments, please read the Guidelines for Requests for Comments first.


Table: “List of accepted EOxServer RFCs” below lists all accepted EOxServer RFCs and their implementation status [1].

List of accepted EOxServer RFCs
No. Title Status
0 RFC 0: Project Steering Committee Guidelines Effective
1 RFC 1: An Extensible Software Architecture for EOxServer Implemented in version 0.2
2 RFC 2: Extension Mechanism for EOxServer Implemented in version 0.2
6 RFC 6: Directory Structure Implemented in version 0.2
7 RFC 7: Release Guidelines Effective
8 RFC 8: SVN Commit Management Effective
9 RFC 9: SOAP Binding of WCS GetCoverage Response Implemented in SOAP Proxy
10 RFC 10: SOAP Proxy Implemented in SOAP Proxy
12 RFC 12: Backends for the Data Access Layer Implemented in version 0.2
13 RFC 13: WCS-T 1.1 Interface Prototype Implemented in version 0.2
14 RFC 14: Asynchronous Task Processing (ATP) Implemented in version 0.2
15 RFC 15: Access Control Support Implemented in version 0.2
16 RFC 16: Referenceable Grid Coverages Implemented in version 0.2
17 RFC 17: Configuration of Supported Output Formats and CRSes Implemented in version 0.3
19 RFC 19: Migrate project repository from svn to git Effective

The list below provides links to all EOxServer RFCs available:

[1]Note that this list might not be fully up to date although we try hard.